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Surgery Tip for Women

An odd choice after my long hiatus you may think but June brings the anniversary of my spinal fusion. It brings back a lot of memories I don’t want to write about but as my mind drifted over it, I remembered something important to women going in to surgery.

It’s not uncommon for the physical trauma of surgery to cause a woman’s period to start unexpectedly. I know someone it happened to and I wish I’d thought to tell her this. I was told to come off the pill beforehand and thought to myself (not even knowing about the disruption surgery can cause at the time) that I simply couldn’t handle the prospect of being on my period while in hospital and with an abdominal wound. I said this to my gp and she gave me tablets you can take for up to three months to stop your period completely. It was eight years ago but I’m 99% sure it wasn’t the progesterone only pill and that they weren’t a contraceptive. If you’re going in for abdominal spinal surgery you won’t need one during that 12 weeks anyway though!

On the rare occasions I’ve learned something useful from my own experiences, I feel I should share them and my advice to any woman going in for surgery is to ask your gp for this. The woman I mentioned before was in for knee replacement so I think it’s probably safest to ask about it whenever you’re having major surgery, regardless of which part of your body is involved. It’s one less thing to worry about.