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To David Cameron, a note on Twitter

Dear David

I am not a supporter of you, your party or your coalition government but I hope you will consider that my advice, while hardly altruistic, serves your interests as well as mine. It’s a simple idea and, I believe, an uncontroversial one: stop using Twitter. It demeans the office you hold to tweet in the way you do. Some politicians tweet their own views on a range of issues. Those who do so successfully do so through their choice of issues to tweet about and through the language and tone they use to deliver their message. The thing is, David, that most of your tweets are pointless to the point of causing offence. You are neither a minor celebrity nor a member of the royal family. You are a prime minister presiding over a truly dreadful period of British history. I’m not writing to debate your policies and their success and support, or the lack thereof. I’m writing to tell you that I take tweets of you popping in on businesses, hospitals and troops and switching on Christmas lights as an insult. I want a leader (even if I didn’t vote for his party), an individual with gravitas, not a puffed up popinjay. I don’t want to read a tweet suggesting that one visit to one hospital ward is any kind of reasonable measure of your policies on the NHS.

The rumour is that you don’t tweet yourself so telling you not to waste your own time may be futile. Instead, I am asking you not to insult the public’s intelligence or the level of fear, difficulty and sheer bloody outrage the public feels when faced with a triple dip. People fear for their jobs (if they still have them), they are making tough decisions on a daily basis while trying to juggle rising prices of food, transport, energy, insurance etc. Some are on frozen wages. Some are still under pay cuts. Many are struggling to cope with increased workloads as their businesses (or, indeed public sector departments) have shrunk. Those without jobs are doubtless terribly concerned at present, particularly the disabled. Many are affected by floods and those lucky ones who aren’t have still felt the blow of a year of tempestuous weather.

In addition to outrage at government policies among many, there is more universal outrage at scandal after scandal among our so-called betters. The financial services sector, print & tv media, tax avoiding corporations, energy & rail companies holding customers ransom: all have left people feeling let down.

It insults all of us when you tweet your happy little snaps of you doing things like participating in a run. You say you’re in this with us. Many don’t believe you but if you ever want to stand a chance of convincing us that you’re not fiddling while Britain drowns, whether through arrogance or ignorance, do yourself a favour. Do me and others like me a favour. Accept that you have reached too many tweets and stop.