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Cats are good for you, update

A little follow up on Ciara following my recent revelation that she’s taken to performing osteopathy on me. She’s lost weight. Given her age that could be a bad sign but if anyone knows you can’t relax your body when you’re in pain it’s me so I don’t think I need to be concerned. She wasn’t huge before but she was tubby so I’m really pleased she’s losing weight as long as there is a positive reason for it. I’ve made dietary changes before and she’s pretty active but nothing’s dealt with her belly until now. She’s also started radiating more heat when she’s on my lap than she used to, considerably more, lounging loose limbed and happy. Spring is a favourite time of year for both of my cats anyway so this could be a coincidence but she also seems more lively.

I saw my human osteopath last night. As I said before, he doesn’t have any qualms about accepting what Ciara’s been doing. There are a few reasons for that. He has cats himself so he doesn’t underestimate what they might be capable of. He can see for himself that I’m in really bad shape overall at the moment but the bits she’s been treating are better than he’d expect. Finally, he’s open-minded about treatment. He does cranial osteopathy, a much gentler option than traditional manipulation and one which is better suited to the jangled up mess that is my upper back, shoulders, neck and head. When I told him about Ciara’s weight loss etc, he pondered it and suggested that the weight loss could be occurring because her metabolism’s sped up, as evidenced by her radiating more body heat. He wondered if the effect could be something to do with Reiki. That reminded me that while the cats were with my parents for a few days last year my mum tried Tellington Touch on Ciara, a relaxation technique she learned to do on their older dog. She’d reported back that Ciara really enjoyed it. Maybe that experience lodged in Ciara’s brain.

Over the years when the doctors couldn’t find the damage in my back, I tried various alternative treatments. I’m not sure whether Reiki was one of them. I knew it was largely about the flow of energy though. I had a look online and found that there are various Reiki practitioners out there treating cats and the practitioners whose sites I looked at said that they receive a kind of positive energy feedback themselves when they treat cats (the same thing apparently happens with humans). That fits in with my very limited understanding of Reiki. If humans can get this energy feedback from cats can cats get energy feedback from humans who they treat? I’m betting there’s no empirical evidence on that point but my human osteopath raises an interesting point. She’s been manipulating me more than I think Reiki practitioners usually do but energy flow is a common theme in many therapies, including cranial osteopathy. Maybe she’s even picked up some kind of vibes from me when I get home from an appointment. Who knows? I’d love to know whether there are other cats out there like my weird little Ciara.