Mixed tapes

A place for some of my 8tracks mixes. Mostly a mix of rock, indie, blues, folk and country.

Heat Haze
Kind of a follow up to last year’s Sultry Summer mix. Every so often, even here, it’s so hot the heat haze shimmers. This is those days. 11 songs (8 tracks says 44 mins but that seems wrong – there’s a couple of long ones)

Smashing Summer
Songs put together sitting in the garden at 6 am trying to convince myself to stay awake. A mix of rock/indie/alternative, mostly from the past 15 years or so. They cut through the stillness of the morning through my earbuds & woke me up smiling

Golden syrup day…sorry pancake day’s coming up so there’s this. Excess, some trumpets, bit sexy, bit odd. Songs that make me think of Mardi gras 10 songs

Winter Skies
Sometimes I don’t really know what I’ve put together until I’m in a situation that makes me suddenly see it, especially when a mix is somehow linked to seasons. I had an unexpected work journey to make and listened to this as I drove home across East Anglia with the sun setting across a beautiful wide sky and the North Star coming out and saw the sun drop off the horizon over my home town. All the more wonderful for how often I miss winter sunsets. That’s winter. That’s this. 10 songs (44 mins)

Two of the songs on this came from For Folk’s Sake 2013. Proceeds from sales to charity etc.

Let them soothe your blues away

Not the mellow mix the title might suggest – it’s a line from a song in it. When things are really rough upbeat instrumentals and lyrics which acknowledge the crappiness while also being good to belt out just work somehow. 10 songs (42 mins)

One of those mixes that just sort of fell together as each song shuffled another one in in my head. Mix of genres, starting with a bit of soul that sounds like it escaped from the 1960s but didn’t. 10 songs

Autumn Leaves
Fragile but rich too. Listening with earphones on a bright, windy autumn day with leaves fallng from the trees and dancing along the ground it’s almost as if the sounds of the wind and the rustling leaves should have been on the songs all along. 8 songs (30 mins)

If you’re interested, I’ve put (unusually good quality) footage from the Zola Jesus gig I just went to into its own post. She deserves to be better known than she is.

Indian Summer
Misty mornings, warm hazy days and cool evenings in smoky clubs (they have to be smoky for this type of music. I don’t care if we’ve banned it). Various genres. I’ve noticed time seems to stand still when this is on. Even in the slightly rockier songs, it just goes down like a smooth whiskey or red wine until suddenly it’s gone. 12 tracks (48 mins)

Gravel Voiced Genius
Mark Lanegan has one of the best voices in the world for me, if not the best, and does interesting collaborations. Here are some of them. Also has vocals from Greg Dulli and Isobel Campbell

I finally stopped sulking over 8 tracks’ refusal to let me put even more Lanegan up in part 1 and changed it so it’s back with 9 songs which are basically noisier than part 2.

Part 2 (9 songs – 34 mins).

Folk Tales
American and Canadian folk tales. Love, death, family, money…and baseball. Mostly a folk ballad feel. Kind of the country end of folk and the folk end of country. I put the stories behind some of the songs in a separate post. 11 tracks (46 mins)

90s Indie
British and Irish 90s indie from the more obscure end of the scale. Bit of a pub quiz challenge to see if anyone can get all 10 bands without looking. Cover art is from one of them. Confession: despite being a good song (with one of the oddest opening lines I’ve ever heard), track 9’s really only in there to make this very very difficult, because I’m just like that. Oh, and @IdealCynic, thanks for reminding me I have track 6 but you get no points for knowing it 😀 10 tracks (40 mins)

Bittersweet songs
I recently said I seemed to be listening to too many sad songs. Just chance – new albums I’d bought and an artist who’s on here twice whose gig I went to. I passed over some beautiful bittersweet songs for Softer Sweeter but, because they are beautiful, they get a sadder playlist of their own with some fitting company. 11 tracks (45 mins)

Softer, sweeter
Slower, gentler songs. Lots of acoustic guitars and pianos. Track 1 takes a while to get going. 11 tracks (45 mins)

Happily humming a song
Songs that make me sing in the car and dance at the self-check (and any other place in the supermarket where I stand still for more than a few seconds). Mix of stuff from 90s onwards 13 tracks (47 mins)

Sultry summer songs
After last year’s rainy playlist, I thought I’d put something more suited to this year’s weather together. 11 tracks (45 mins)

Bypass your brain
As previously embedded in a post ranting about the current state of pop music, 10 songs (34 mins)

Bank holiday blues
The summer that never was. Summer 2012. Starts as a watery bluesy tribute, before the pace picks up. 13 tracks (says 43mins but I think 8 tracks has it wrong)

Sunny side of the street
The flip side to bank holiday blues (some artists are the same) which I did around the same time. Mostly a folky, country collection. Oh, and I know one particular track’s lyrically very sad but it gets in because it’s musically so cheerful that it makes me smile. 9 tracks (32 mins)


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