Zola Jesus

I don’t/won’t make a habit of sharing youtube footage of gigs I’ve been to on here but I’m making an exception for Zola Jesus (and the videos are unusually good quality for gig footage). This tour’s a set of new arrangements (by J G Thirlwell) on her old songs, with a string quartet added in place of the synthesizers which were on the original. I haven’t bought the album yet so I can’t put them in mixes – I wasn’t sure if it would be worth buying the album when they’re songs I’ve already got but now I’ve heard how much the strings add I may well end up getting it. She said J G Thirlwell had taught her to love her own songs. I can see why. Hopefully, whether she does it with him or not, she’ll be able to put more depth into the instrumental elements of future songs after seeing how much he’s added to the old ones.



In your nature


Sea Talk


The original was gorgeous but it was even more so with the strings and when she belted it out a few feet away as she wandered through the crowd (it’s hard to believe that voice comes from a woman who doesn’t reach my shoulders in platform trainers)

Fall Back


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