PIP and Mental Illness Guidance

The most common search terms by far for people coming to my blog are PIP and mental illness. People find my blog because I wrote a post condemning assessments of people with mental illness for PIP and society’s attitudes towards mental illness in general. Maybe that’s what people coming to the post were looking for anyway but I’m concerned people looking for guidance on their own individual circumstances are not finding it so I went looking for some practical advice which I could link to for those visitors. It’s no wonder people are ending up here. The vast majority of pages out there are political in nature. PIP is very much in its infancy and people on DLA on 7 April 2013 don’t need to worry too much for now. If you’re making a new claim, I’m sorry to say that there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of written advice out there at the moment. The best one I’ve seen is on Disability Online and gives quite detailed guidance. In particular, it specifies the dates on which PIP is being rolled out in different postcodes and runs through the application process.

A Benefits advisor I follow on Twitter also recommended Benefits and Work. The site isn’t specifically for people suffering from mental illness but I trust her judgement so it’s probably a pretty good general source of guidance.


One thought on “PIP and Mental Illness Guidance

  1. diannec

    there was a very good book in regard to DLA and the mentally ill, which I thought was published by MIND, hoping one is published for PIP as this was very useful when helping people make applications.


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