The Daily Mail does it again: shocker

I just saw this on the front page of tomorrow’s Mail:


so here’s the link back to my post from the last time they pulled this crap, A week in the life of ablism, part 2. Unlike Mail journalists, I don’t get paid to repeat myself. Fortunately they’re so consistently hideous that I don’t need to find anything original to say about them. The last post says it all.


2 thoughts on “The Daily Mail does it again: shocker

  1. chriscanobie

    Reblogged this on benefitcheats and commented:
    Well I’m determined to fill in my DLA claim now, before it gets even more stupid and impossible to fill out (unless you happen to be a Barrister)

    I’ve tried several times in the past to fill their ridiculous forms in, on-line (the website is a joke and seems tailor made to be impossible to fill in, wont load, or if it does, crashes halfway through and resets all the data) And its an interesting design; at first you would think its been designed by a ten year old with little experience, back in the 1990’s or something … then you start to spot more sinister themes, dark gray text on black, when – yet again – the page crashes and makes you go back to the start (nearly impossible to spot – and certainly impossible to spot if you’re visually impaired)

    Its a real shame when our leaders of our society are reduced to playing mind-games with he most vulnerable, to save a few pounds (relatively, when you consider how much money they spend on war .. oh, wait, yes thats right – they make billions out of war every year … my bad example! )
    *rolls eyes*

    1. lawgeekblog Post author

      It’s interesting that you had so many problems with the online forms. There was a time we’d just put it down to incompetence of the developers but these days… I sometimes wonder what would happen if I was applying for ESA now and rang the DWP for guidance on answering the same questions I asked about when I was applying for IB. Back then, I was told we get the benefit of the doubt & should answer everything as if we’re having the worst day… Yeah. I don’t believe for a minute that real savings are even going to be made. This is just an ideological monstrosity. I’m probably just repeating what you already know but, apart from the administrative burden of assessments, taking long term disabled people off ESA, even if they are capable of working (often not the case) is a bait & switch. They’re just being moved to JSA & their chances of finding work are much much poorer than able bodied people (see for the stats on disability discrimination in recruitment practices). As for DLA, it’s what makes it possible for many disabled people to work. With lower payments (& the loss of motability), we’ll see people lose their independence & ability to work.


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